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The Schenectady Antique Radio Club
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Classified Ads Page

Classified ads are for items for sale,wanted,trade,or for free. Ads must be for radio or radio related items. They are free to everyone. If you have something to post here please email me with the info and I will place the ad here. Email me

*Note add space is limited. Try to be brief. Also I can put so many ads on the page. Thank you.

WANTED: Bakelite tube sockets. 4 pin surface mount non collar type. Would prefer 1920s styles. Let me know if you or know of someone that has some to sell. Email me @ or call me Dave @ 518-283-3799 Thank you.

For Sale: 5U4 rectifier tubes $4 each or $3 each if you buy 10 or more. Email Thank you.

Wanted: Old transistor radios.Japaneese,Tiwan,Honk Kong made. Pocket size or small portables. No walkmans,boomboxes or table radios. Am, AM/FM, AM/SW types are ok. Working or non working condition ok. Two radios in paticular I'm looking for is the maroon Zenith model Royal 500 transistor any model version and a GE model am radio that is just am only that loos like GEs series P 975 model series am/ fm radios email me at or call me @518-238-3799 Thanks

For Sale 2 console radios. The 1st console radio is a 1933 Atwater Kent model 72. This radio is electroniclly restored. The cabinet is solid. Speaker grill needs to be replaced.
Second console is a 1932 American Bocsh Model 250P. Unrestored. Complete all there. Solid cabinet. Contact Wayne at or call 518-355-5615 for further info  

For Sale Crosley Model 52, RCA Radiola III, RCA Radiola IIIA $40 each. Call Ray Atwood 518-432-7124

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