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Welcome to The Schenectady Antique Radio Club webpage. We are a dedicated group of people who collect,restore,and preserve all aspects of antique radio. Our club meeting place now has changed. The club is now meeting in the new Communications Center part of the Saint Rose Colledge campus on Madison Avenue in Albany NY. The address is 996 Madison Avenue. You can use Mapquest to find the centers exact location.  

We have a outdoor fleamarket in the parking lot behind the communication center at 12:00 noon and our meetings inside at 2:00pm.  Club dues are $3.00 a year. For more info please contact Dave Ellers by phone at 518-238-3799 or  by email dadellers at If you live here in the Capitol district and have an interest in antique radio stop by or give a call on the phone. We would be glad to see or hear from you. Take a look around and enjoy the site.


Above is a QSL card from WGY WRGB former General Electric's Schenectady area radio and tv station.

1925 Sears Silvertone Neutrodyne Batteryset Radio

From 1925 shown is a Sears Neutrodyne battery set. This radio is the newest radio that I have in my collection of battery set radios from the 1920s. This radio was made for Sears by King Radio Buffalo NY.
This radio was a Ebay win. The radio needed quite a bit of work to get it going. A couple of broken solder joints first had to be taken care of. The off n switch also was not working so I jumped it for now.
Two of the tuning condeners were way out of alighnment so I fixed those. The antenna one has its stop broken right off so it still doesn't track right like the other two. Also for some unknown reason the antenna stage just does not work. So I have gotten a signal by going through the second condenser and the detector stage. I have cleaned every thing up and the radio looks better then what this photo shows.   

click here to play sound

1925 Freshmen Masterpiece trf radio

Meeting dates:
**Dec  18
** Date has been changed for the Sunday that was schedualed fell on the Sunday right after Christmas. So we moved it back one Sunday.
2011 Meeting Dates
Jan 23th
Feb 27th
March 27th
April 24th
May 22nd
June 26th
July 24th
Aug 28th
Sept 25th
Oct 23rd
Nov 27th
Dec 18th *3rd week due to christmas falls on the 4th Sunday
2012 Meeting Dates
Jan 22nd
Feb 26th
March 25th
Aprl 22nd
May 27th
June 24th
July 22nd
Aug 26th
Sept 23rd
Oct 28th
Nov 25th
Dec 23rd

Meeting Photo

Here is one part of what goes on at our meetings. Many times a member brings in a radio that is being worked on and it needs help with its restoration. So other members help giving thiier knoledge to help get the problem taken care of.

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1. What was the model number of Phlco's 1938 model line top console?
2. What was the most number of tubes used in a Zenith radio made befor WWII?
3. What month and year did all civilain radio production stop when the US became involved in WWII? 
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